Nightly live composes (Fedora 19 branched)

This page lists testing composes created nightly for all currently approved spins from the Spins SIG git repository. Any questions or problems, please post to the Spins SIG mailing list.

These composes are built against the Fedora 19 branched repo.

If you follow the Koji link for some compose, look for State closed and then you'll see the ISO image in the Output section. If State is failed, the build failed and you have to wait for a next day compose or download some older compose.

DateFedora SpinArchitectureSizeLink
20130511.10design-suitei686700 MBTask info
20130511.10design-suitex86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10desktopi686700 MBTask info
20130511.10desktopx86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10kdei686700 MBTask info
20130511.10kdex86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10lxdei686700 MBTask info
20130511.10lxdex86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10mate-compizi686700 MBTask info
20130511.10mate-compizx86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10securityi686700 MBTask info
20130511.10securityx86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10soasi686700 MBTask info
20130511.10soasx86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10xfcei686700 MBTask info
20130511.10xfcex86_64700 MBTask info
20130511.10roboticsi6864 GBTask info
20130511.10roboticsx86_644 GBTask info
20130511.10scientific-kdei6864 GBTask info
20130511.10scientific-kdex86_644 GBTask info
20130511.10electronic-labi6864 GBTask info
20130511.10electronic-labx86_644 GBTask info
20130511.10gamesi6864 GBTask info
20130511.10gamesx86_644 GBTask info
20130511.10kdei6862 GBTask info
20130511.10kdex86_642 GBTask info
20130511.10jam-kdei6862 GBTask info
20130511.10jam-kdex86_642 GBTask info

The composes are kept in Koji for 2 weeks.
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